Kim hyun joong and hwangbo dating

22-Dec-2017 10:08

this drama is different compared to others, doesn't contain only lovey dovey, or waste the whole drama just to find the truth, or waste the whole episodes just to get revenge and stuffs. Doctors can wear heels if they are comfortable with it..... But in the surgery room they wear flats becuase surgery could last for hours standing. If they at least act like professionals or as adults! I watched the full drama from 1 to 20 countless times already and the feeling is still the same. Missing #Jihyecouple #Raeshincouple missing all the cast on their superb camaraderie on the drama. I cried when I saw her being beaten up by her father in the car and left her at her grandma's house while throwing the money on the imagine what kind of father he was...??

i thought i'd stop watching it around 7-8 episodes but no it becomes better. Nurses wears comfortable shoes because they are on their feet all day. In episode 19, she told JMH that she was leaving the hospital, after she realised that this was the time for her to pay JH back for what he has done for her, Now since I watch it in my own pace without hurrying and waiting for the next episode.... I could understand ..HJ hated her father so much...was hurt so badly....

First thing first: Thanks a lot to all the crews here to make this drama soooo awesome! Writer-nim, you are so great to make story like this 2. I laugh and cried a lot and i can relate well for some situations in this drama.

Park shin hye: your acting is so good and u look so mature here, finally u take drama with good plot, good job! It covers so many things, about family relationship, friendship, colleague r/s, etc. This drama was #1 in my Top 5 List for 2016 Korean Dramas!

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There is no way that he would be young, plus hye jung needs father's figure, Dr.should forgive her father and life happily with him in future. When it comes to korean drama, I'm always having a second lead syndrome :)) Does anyone know what's the name of the song used few times as bgm but not included in official ost? the opening and ending narration in every episode always has an impact ... Although you can forgive, but it leaves the scar that is difficult to forget. This drama is also supported by te best, beautiful, deep meaning OST.even though he has done cruel to her in the past, but he still her father. But I'm quite satisfied since this drama has a happy ending :) Jung Yoon Do songsaengsim... It was played for example in last episode before and during Jin myung-hoon's surgery (around 32-35 minute). Where the background of the family that changed the process in life. hoping RAESHIN couple will do another drama....there chemistry is superb ... It makes me cry sometimes..happy and One of the best dramas ever made.The one with such a huge age gap is Hyerin and Ji Sung in Entetainer with 15 years gap. KRW although older in real, here, he looks just right for PSH who is not young anymore. This is an awesome drama but I kind of wanted her to end up with Dr.

Do u expect them to look like tomboys when they make rounds? But it ended up with JH sacrificing himself for her.

Kim Wae Ron and Park Shin Hye are great to potray a big gap couple. Kim rae won is amazingly good as the teacher/surgeon who develops romantic feelings for his student (a heavy subject treated with maturity). So, I will be concentrating on the dramas featuring Kim Rae Won :) This series has too many repetitions and close-ups of the first two surgeons. If viewers liked it, they could have change the trend no matter what. Obviously he is more senior actor than PSH, we need to respect him. Story line was boring and the plot was just being dragged on. But said drama did not do good in the ratings game..

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